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Custom-made software for advanced logistics operations

Sylogix designs and builds modern, flexible and interconnected web solutions for a perfect integration with your operational needs and your existing software stack.

We conceive, develop and deploy logistics solutions for high value, project-based industrial actors

In the past 15 years, we have built a robust web-based tools to manage the upstream logistics of project-oriented companies in the Oil & Gas and electrical infrastructure equipment sectors. Over the years, our solutions have been used to manage logistics workflows of prominent industrial and logistics companies.

Features highlights


  • PO import from SAP or any other source.
  • Automatic outbound transmission of receiving status.
  • Multiple communication vectors and formats (XLSX, MHTML, CSV, XML…).
  • Detailed processing reports for all EDI actions.


WMS tools

  • Standard operations (receiving, stock management, transfers, labelling).
  • Automatic work orders for inter-dependent operations (positioning requests, shipping orders for multi-site stock…).
  • Multi-actor access, with strict role-based and entity-based access.


Item-level tracking

  • Location and operation tracking is done at item level.
  • Each item or batch of items is referenced and labeled, facilitating the historical documentation of high value, sensitive or regulated items.
  • Every action is logged, including operational context, actor and timestamp.


Dedicated mobile interfaces

  • Replace paper forms with handheld devices, including 1D/2D barcode scanning.
  • Dedicated interfaces allow for smooth workflows even in demanding environments with ruggerized devices.
  • Web-based technologies for wide compatibility.


Centralized communication

  • Communicate directly inside the application, in the context of operations.
  • Attach files to any operation or resource.
  • Setup email notifications globally or within specific operations, for any event and to internal or external users.
  • Public portals for interactions with external actors.


Endless possibilities

  • Operation APIs allow for low-level integration with your existing systems.
  • Our modular approach makes on-demand feature requests fast to implement, allowing progressive fine-tuning of the tools even after going live.

Increase the performance and reliability of your workflows

IT tools should be adjusted to match your business, not the other way round. Throughout our projects, we accompany our customers in their transition from obsolete or wrong tools to dedicated, homogenous tools with high reliability and improved long term traceability. This way, you are securing your workflows while saving time daily.

Training and support

The tools we build are tailored for your operators. Because the software workflows match your business workflows, getting started is usually easy and fast: an competent operator should immediately find his marks in the IT processes that mirror are complement his operational actions. For larger projects we can also arrange on-site training for key users.

Projects and use-cases

Here are some projects and detailed use-cases we have worked on for the past few years. Every tool we develop is natively multilingual, respect web standards and uses opensource software.

ELITE (Easy Line-Item Tracking for Energy) Software

IT solution dedicated to the Upstream Oil and Gas industry

This ongoing project is developed as part of an exclusive partnership with SCII (Supply Chain Improvement and Innovation).

ELITE software covers all key features required by the Upstream Oil & Gas ecosystem to monitor and control their logistics and Supply Chain with one target: high service level and costs optimization.

Aside from a full range of standard features, ELITE Software includes:

  • Download any format of PO (Line Item and Item) issued by EP (Energy Producers) and upstream O&G service companies.
  • Follow up on any PO at the item level.
  • Document management at item level, e.g. certificate of origin, MTC (Material Test Certificate) etc.
  • Support for efficient expediting processes based on customers’ requirements, including management of partial PO, automatic reminders to vendors/suppliers for PO readiness issues, documentation management.
  • Track and Trace any PO at the item level.
  • Manage MR (Material Receipt) check at item level with OS&D’s (Overage, Shortage and Damages).
  • Consolidation (including invoices, Packing List consolidation)
  • WMS functionalities (inventory management, in/out, order fulfillment, routine preservation and maintenance at the item level).
  • Various reports (costs control, flow optimization e.g. container usage, etc.)

ELITE Software is able to communicate through EDI with any kind of ERP system (SAP, Oracle, …). Its extreme flexibility makes it capable to adjust to specific EP (Energy Producers) requirements.

Through ELITE Software all players involved in the Upstream Oil and Gas Supply Chain can interface and communicate with ELITE, i.e. EP, O&G Service Companies, vendors/suppliers, Freight Forwarder, Shipping Lines, Airlines, Logistics Service Providers, Trucking Companies.

ELITE Software enables EP’s, Upstream O&G Service Companies, as well as LSP (Logistics Service Providers) to optimize the overall Supply Chain by decreasing costs and improving service levels.

Logistics/supply-chain software suite

Use case : Schneider Electric, facility with project based logistics workflows

This instance includes the full range of our standard modules from PO management, articles management, WMS tools and operations, pickup orders, shipping orders, etc.

The platform is used to interact with other units abroad as well as with logistics service providers.

A dedicated module with deep integration with various operational modules allows the service provider to record all costs and produce reports used for auditing and invoicing purposes.

In addition to the standard PO management and WMS features, we also implemented an advanced integration platform management module :

  • site and platform management, including floormaps and time-based layout changes;
  • tight interactions between project managers and the internal logistics team, through booking and intervention requests and resource allocation management tools;
  • workload visualization and bottleneck anticipation for surface resources, integration equipment and human resources;
  • KPI calculation, visualization and reporting.

Logistics/supply-chain software suite

Use case : General Electric, facility with project based logistics workflows

This instance includes the full range of our standard modules from PO management, articles management, WMS tools and operations, pickup orders, shipping orders, etc.

The platform is also used to interact with their main logistics service provider.

In addition to the standard PO management and WMS features, we implemented from scratch a complete RMA management module :

  • RMA creation directly accessible by the end customer;
  • Detailed tracking of all RMA processing steps, including exchange by anticipation, failed equipment reception and repair, fault analysis reports. Takes into account applicable conditions specific to the various contracts.
  • Automated warnings based on various contractual process analysis criteria.
  • Full integration with the rest of the software suite, for full tracking of the items’ history since their initial registration into the system.
  • KPI calculation, visualization and reporting, both for internal performance analysis and for contractual periodic reporting.

Logistics/supply-chain software suite

Use case : Oil & Gas Logistics Services

Note: all Oil & Gas logistics workflows are now managed through the Elite solution.

Instance started in 2010 used to manage the full range of logistics operations by a major French fret forwarder for the material supply workflows of prominent Oil & Gas companies operating in Algeria.

  • Fully automated bi-directional Purchase order management: inbound EDI to load PO (creation and updates), outbound EDI to send PO status progression back to the customer.
  • Item level tracking upon first reception (regardless of hub of entry), with consolidated information after the first checking operation.
  • Consolidation of shipments and related documentation (packlist, invoices [with support for currency conversion based on contractual rates]).
  • Full multi-facility WMS features.

My Flying Box

Express shipping tool to aggregate many parcel shipping solutions through a single modern API and full featured web dashboard.

Main characteristics (API): modular interfacing with many carrier webservices, real-time rate requests, high-performance platform, data normalization.

Main characteristics (dashboard) : full customer interface, after sales tools, advanced backoffice tools (supplier invoices analysis, bank statements sync, online paiments, direct debit tools, multi-currency workflows, etc.)

What we’ve done:  initial development, continuous updates, hosting services, technical support.

Project started in 2013 and still running. Two Sylogix founders are also My Flying Box shareholders.

Checkout the public websites: My Flying Box homepage / API documentation /

Courier service comparator, deployed under two instances: (targets the Spanish market) and (operated by a partner located in Dubaï, targeting the UAE market).

Main characteristics: real time shipping rate calculations, online payments, supplied invoice analysis, incident management, carrier webservice connectors, E-commerce connectors, statistics.

What we’ve done: initial development, updates and extra features, hosting, maintenance.

Project started in 2015 and still active.

Checkout the public websites: /


Courier service comparator targeted at the French market.

Main characteristics: real time rate calculations, online payments, carrier webservices connectors, E-commerce connectors.

What we’ve done: the platform was initially developed by another contractor. We added extra features over the years and managed hosting on our infrastructure.

Our services on this platform started in 2016 and ended in 2023 after being integrated into Sendiroo.

Let’s work together

To ensure a successful outcome, each step of the project rolls out through tight collaboration and communication between you, the project manager and the development team. At all times, everyone is on the same page.

Identifying your needs

We work together to define your requirements and the general context of your activities. Once the needs are identified, the specifications’ perimeter is formalized and a quotation is sent. We can either work on a fixed price package or a more flexible hour-based rate.


Our team develops your tool in an incremental manner: we provide regular deliveries on a testing environment to get your feedback as early as possible and adjust specifications whenever needed.

Hosting and maintenance

Our services adjust to your needs: shared hosting or dedicated with SLA, bare-metal or cloud-based, on-premise hosting, regular code updates… Our panel of services after initial delivery can adjust to your contraints.

New project? Questions?


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